Are you looking for a software or app to account and monitor your money?

There are mobile apps you can use which are available for free but with limited functionality or could be complicated for you. Unless you are willing to spend more then you have to buy it. As the saying goes, If you like it, buy it.

Personally, I no longer uses these apps and uses the Microsoft Excel instead to record my incoming and outgoing cash and add some information to categorize each transaction.

Some people does not care about recording their sources and uses of funds but for me, it help me prepare a budget, be able to forecast and ultimately control my spending. I use my historical records to plan for the future. Another saying goes: What you cannot measure, you cannot improve.

Sometimes it is tedious to set up (initially) MS Excel aside from the fact that you will need to buy the license. But with my long experience of recording our family spending, I finally decided and stick to Google Sheets. (I was using MS Excel and MS Money before). Google Sheet also for free but I find it simpler to use than MS Excel.

I created a simple Cash Accounting Sheet which you may copy and use for free. My way of ‘knowledge sharing’ and ‘financially educating’ the community. Help them aware, save and control spending and be able plan / save for the future.

Have fun!